My Journey and Hope

Throughout the years, I’ve heard many explanations as to why relationships fail or experience significant problems. Some popular themes are, “It just wasn’t meant to be,” and “You really just have to get lucky.” Rather than believe a couple’s happiness is based primarily on chance, a more logical explanation seems likely.

The reason many of us have problems in our relationships today is because no one ever taught us how to create and sustain intimate ones. No one ever showed us how to truly connect with a partner. We may have been told what qualities and morals to look for, and that trust and communication are key, but no one ever showed us step-by-step how to do it. I wanted to change that.

I set out to create a blueprint that all people could follow to achieve the most intimate connection possible with a partner; an easy to understand, universal, step-by-step manual any couple could apply to their specific situation. It would teach them how to connect on a CORE level.  In doing so, their happiness would be based solely on their will to succeed and not left to chance.

I enrolled at the University of Central Florida and earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Master of Science in Criminal Justice, and Education Specialist Degree in School Counseling. After years of specialized education, I’m happy to announce that there is a way to do it! The blueprints to love exist, and they’re called, “PROJECT INTIMACY.”

Project Intimacy shows you how to create the relationship you desire. The innovation behind this NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN technique is the invention of the CORE. Once a couple forms their unique CORE together, extraordinary things become possible. Not only does it enhance your strengths, it simultaneously thwarts potential threats at their inception before they have a chance to grow into divisive issues.

This proactive design, instead of a reactive one, fuels a self-perpetuating intimacy that grows stronger with time. People can now see, step-by-step, how to create and sustain the most intimate connection possible with their partner.

For too long, conventional thinking has always been that there’s nothing we can do but try our best and hope things work out. Don’t follow the status quo. This way of thinking is flawed and contributes to so many failing or not feeling happy and fulfilled in their relationships.  Why do you think over 50% of all marriages don’t make it? These people didn’t go into it wanting things to fail, they were never taught HOW to succeed.

Now people can make a deliberate choice to be happy.  Project Intimacy shows you the map and any couple with the will to succeed will reach their destination.

I sincerely hope those who want to experience this special bond will equip themselves with this knowledge and pass it on to all those they care about.


"Truly original, in over 30 years as a counselor educator, I've never seen anything like this." — Mark E. Young Ph. D. Professor, Counselor Education
"Project Intimacy is a practical blueprint for building true emotional intimacy in a relationship. It’s brilliant in its simplicity. Easy to read. Can get through it in one sitting! Should be mandatory reading for all teenagers,anyone beginning a new relationship and anyone struggling with communication or a feeling of being unseen or misunderstood in a relationship. That’s basically everyone! It will also help you understand which connections have the potential to thrive and which do not." — Jody. Ontario, Canada
"There are a lot of relationship books on the market and they all tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, but I haven’t seen any that teach you a process to truly connect with your partner like this book teaches. It’s easy to read, and gives great examples of how to communicate with each other in an intimate setting that the couple creates, called the Core. I read the online version and ordered the hard copy as well because I think it would be a great gift for my friends who are getting married soon, to teach them how to stay connected as a couple." — L. Hough. Ontario, Canada
"I really found this book refreshing as it was easy to follow and message was communicated in a way I understood and not in language that was over my head. I liked that it was a guide that walked you step by step on what is necessary to build a strong foundation in your relationships. You are given the power of knowledge of what is required to strengthen any intimate bond at any stage of a relationship.It touches on the best approach of communication for success. This would be good to read even before entering in a relationship to have this knowledge in advance to increase odds of success. Project Intimacy would be a great gift to give to someone just entering a relationship or perhaps a wedding gift to strengthen their connection and create a stronger bond. The unique approach of this book is not one I have seen before. Great read and I wish it was available years ago!" — Christy. Minneola, Florida
"I’m no stranger to relationship books and this system is by far the easiest and most effective to apply. The communication tools in Project Intimacy have helped me to develop the relationship that I have always wanted. Single or attached, this book is highly beneficial." — Jennifer. Ontario, Canada