How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work?

Written by Pat McGowan


How To Make A Long-Distance Relationship Work?

Here are the two most important things in making a long-distance relationship work; knowing what to do and having the will to do it.

The fact that you’re here shows you have the will; the tricky part is figuring out whom you should listen to.

When I Googled this question, all I saw were tips. Best Tips. Expert Tips! Lifesaving Tips!

The problem with tips, they lack the one thing you need – depth.

The answer you’re looking for can’t be
found on the surface, you
have to go down a
bit deeper.

For tips to be of any use, both people must first genuinely want things to work out.

This is where the focus must be. What can you do to create a powerful connection together?

Simply put, the stronger your bond, the harder it will be to break.

It’s also important to be aware of the false information out there about long-distance relationships.

Don’t assume long-distance relationships are doomed due to distance itself. This myth only diverts your attention from the one threat your relationship will eventually face.

We’ll start by debunking the widely held belief that distance is responsible for long-distance relationships failing. Then we’ll identify the one true threat all relationships will likely face. Lastly, we’ll reveal the key to making a long-distance relationship work.

The Long-Distance Relationship Myth

It’s essential to understand what causes long-distance relationships to fail and what doesn’t.

Don’t waste your time and energy on a non-threat. It only distracts from the real danger your relationship is likely to face.

The widely held belief that distance itself is responsible for long-distance relationships failing is false.

“Distance doesn’t point the
Relationship Reaper your way.”

An article in the Business Insider by Jessica Orwig titled, “Science explains how to make a long-distance relationship work,” supports this viewpoint.

Jessica shares the results of a study titled, “Go Long! Predictors of Positive Relationship Outcomes in Long-Distance Relationships.”

The lead researcher in this study is Emma Dargie, a relationship expert who has studied hundreds of long-distance daters.

Emma and her colleagues studied 1,142 people in both long and short distance relationships.

They found no difference between the quality of relationships between either group. Further, they found as the distance increased among the long-distance group, so did their intimacy, communication, and overall satisfaction.

So, if distance itself isn’t responsible for causing long-distance relationships to fail, what is?

Behold, the True Relationship Killer!

The True Relationship Killer

“Elephant In The Room” by Leah    Saulnier/

What has the power to destroy any relationship?

Say hello to the Relationship Elephant, A.K.A. “The Relationship Killer.”

Here is the BIGGEST threat to all relationships; when this creature moves in, the damage begins.

This beast feeds off your unwillingness to confront an issue you’re having with your partner.

It feeds off fear, the more you put off talking about a problem, the bigger this mammoth gets.

If you don’t take action quickly, as it grows, your relationship gets crushed, suffocates, and dies.

Has your relationship already birthed one of these monsters? If so, here’s how to send it packing!


The Key To Making A Long-Distance Relationship Work

First, start by revealing your relationship truth.

This is done by honestly evaluating the health of your relationship. What’s working and what could be better?

You must be honest with one another here. Your relationship truth isn’t just how you feel about things, but how you both feel.

Take some time by yourself, soul search, then write down your thoughts. Afterward, come together and discuss.

Start by sharing the positives on your list. Then move towards what you think could be better.

Next, having the same relationship goals and expectations is crucial. Write them down and then follow the same procedure.

This process helps weed out potential threats to your relationship. It clearly communicates to your partner how you see things and vice-versa.

Often, we think how we’re feeling should be evident to our partner and that we shouldn’t have to explain everything. Wrong! Regardless of how clear you think things should be, share your thoughts.

This authentic sharing of yourselves is key to making a long-distance relationship work. Sharing your genuine thoughts and vulnerabilities is what will create the most powerful connection between you.

“Relationships need
a heartbeat.”

The lifeblood of any healthy relationship is the ability to connect authentically. This keeps your relationship growing healthy and vibrant.

   Follow This –  Love Lasts!

When you can answer YES to the following two questions, your will to succeed will determine success or failure.

1. Are you both committed to making things work?
2. Can you bring up and discuss any issues together?

It’s a Relationship Truth; to obtain the relationship you desire, you MUST be honest and share your true feelings.

The choice is yours.

Seek the truth, push past your fear, and experience a love that is real. Or, shy from the truth, give into your fears, and end up feeding an elephant.

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  1. Great step by step guide for building, repairing or evaluating your relationships with loved ones…. It may be a rude awakening to some but a god sent in any circumstance.
    Love the advices and succinct way it’s presented ….
    thank you

    1. Thank you for your kind words and support! Together, by spreading our message, we can all help to make relationship happiness a choice instead of relying on luck or chance for us to be happy.

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